Control Player

The Control Player is a compact hardware device built with high quality components designed to run 24/7. It’s equipped with industry-leading features and built-in applications to provide you with a turnkey, plug and play experience. 

Connect as many screens to the Player as you’d like with the use of a video distribution system (not included). 

Install multiple Control Players in your venue to create unique zones or to control specific groups of screens.

Key Features

  • Standard HDMI Audio/Video Output 

  • Automatic DJ-quality cross-fading for better than seamless transitions between content 

  • Volume Normalization and EQ designed for the unique environments of public spaces 

  • No silence, full offline playback, so your guests’ experience is never interrupted. Guaranteed.

  • Automatic, daily content and software updates

  • Management Access allows you to set password controlled levels of access for staff 

  • Dedicated hardware device for each zone provides redundancy and scalability


Remote Control App controls your Player from anywhere in the world

Playlist Builder App allows you to create rich combinations of content to produce dynamic experiences for your guests. Create an unlimited number of custom playlists to suit all of your entertainment needs.

  • Build “Static Playlists” of content to control the exact flow of one item to the next, or to produce “pools” of content that can be used in “Dynamic Playlists”. 
  • Build “Dynamic Playlists” which can contain any content you’d like, plus curated categories of content (like “Genres” for Music Content, “Tags” for Viral Content, Auto-updating “Seasonal Categories” for Digital Signage Content, and more!). 
    • Dynamic Playlists use a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm combined with rules that you can set for features like Energy Level, Content Rating, and Duration on each item
  • Unlimited Playlist Support from our Playlist Team who can show you how to get the most from Playlist Builder.
  • Video Text App allows you to craft custom messaging for promotions, special announcements, news and/or social media updates. Think of it as a “P.A. System” that uses video instead of audio. It is non-intrusive and integrated right into your screens.
  • Use text and background colors, as well as full screen background videos to catch your guests’ attention.  
  • Create Video Texts from RSS Feeds to show news headlines, weather, sports scores, social media updates, and more!
  • Video Texts can be played instantly or scheduled with the Scheduling & Automation Feature Pack and can be saved for future use.