Single Screen, To Multiple Screens In Multiple Locations

Digital Signage Management and Content Made Easy for Your Business

Playlist Builder App

The proprietary Playlist Builder app makes it easy to choreograph specific messaging and entertainment targeted to your guest.

The Playlist Builder app makes it easy to choreograph signage, messaging, music, and music video integrations targeted to your guests. Create cohesive entertainment experiences that are as unique as your brand!


Automations are a powerful tool that allows you to completely automateyour signage playlists. Target specific dayparts, and include seasonal and event content. Get out of the business of presenting the same repetitive loop 24/7. Easily execute relevant, dayparted signage with Automations.  


The functionality of the Control Play player remote puts you in the driver’s seat to manage your Guest Entertainment Experience wherever you are!

Entertain, Engage and Influence

When it comes to successfully utilizing digital signage as part of your guest experience, CONTENT IS KING! Your screens will stand out with attractive, engaging and relevant content. Control Play makes it EASY to keep your playlists fresh!

Industry Specific Library Ready To Go

It’s easy to intrigue and influence your customers. Our signage platform includes over 2000 engaging motion graphics and static designs ready to be added to your playlists.

Custom Content Studio

Our custom content studio service provides our subscribers with dynamic, targeted content to engage their customers. We collaborate with you to create ongoing campaigns and one-off implementations to tell your story with unique graphic designs incorporating video, motion graphics, and static imagery.