Your guests are going to your Holiday Playlist!

Our Holiday Playlist Packs create the right holiday mood for your restaurant, bar or business.

Businesses are decorating for the holidays and consumers are craving the holiday spirit to start. This doesn’t mean you should go all in with your holiday music too early. We recommend you start with a splash of non traditional holiday tracks in your current playlists.

Some Examples Are:

Our Playlist Managers tag them “Holiday not Holiday” songs. Check our Holiday – Not Holiday song list blog. We have a curated library of these songs that are tagged and easily added to your playlist on Control Play.

  • We suggest you start with 2 per hour.
  • As you get into December increase it to 3-4 per hour including one traditional medium to high energy song in the mix. Yes, you can choose the energy in your Control Play playlists too!
  • As you get closer to the holiday increase the frequency and utilize more traditional songs.
  • You may have day parts that require 100% holiday music playing for let’s say business lunches. Depending on the demographic you are catering to, you can choose from a variety of genres and themes.

Sound like a lot of work?

Not at all, our Playlist team created a selection of Holiday+ Playlists that automatically manages this for you. We perfectly pair your Holiday songs to the demographic your playlist is intended for. R&B holiday songs with playlists that play R&B songs, high energy songs with high energy playlists are a few examples why your guests are going to love your Holiday Playlists.

Don’t forget to promote your Gift Cards, Holiday Events and Holiday Hours with audio messages and digital signage content in your playlists.