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The Trampoline Adventure Park business is
more demanding and has more opportunities than ever before! 

Today’s customers go out more, spend more and expect more!

To surpass customer expectations and succeed, you require current technology-driven entertainment to remain relevant and earn more revenue.


Utilize a streaming service and their generic programs designed for everything from grocery stores to laundromats and hope for the best. 😖


Spend hours and hours scanning through music to ensure it does not have offensive lyrics or video content for your Family sessions only to have a mother complain that the music is not appropriate! 😠


Choose a licensed, managed service targeted specifically to your business that is proven to bring more guests, more often increasing revenue. 🥳

FEC, Control Play, and Playlists on 3 different phones

HUNDREDS of Trampoline Adventure Parks have increased

Corporate Parties


Birthday Parties

Church Events

Family Events

Open Sessions

Why ?

FEC Jump is Part of Their Guest Experience!

Build your business with a human-curated library of music and music videos with over 200 tags creating the perfect playlists for FAMILY FUN. You control what is played or not played and when it is played. 😀

Save hours every week With FEC Jump. Every song is human-curated, tagged, rated and ready for you. 

Remove the worry about upset customers because of inappropriate music and music videos.

Our content rating system is one of the main reasons FEC Jump is the leading Guest Entertainment Experience service provider in the business.  

Every song in the library is both lyrically and visually rated. No more upset parents at your service counter telling you the music is not appropriate. Your playlists only include songs rated for the demographic you’re catering to for your sessions.  

We make it easy to play the right music at the right time! 


Family-rated songs are squeaky clean and don’t contain any adult language or lyrics about adult situations. They don’t contain any references to or depictions of smoking, drinking, violence, sexuality, or drug use.

PG Ages 13+

The Parental Guidance rating is given to songs that may include references to and depictions of smoking and drinking, or mild violence (nothing that shows blood or severe bodily harm). They may include depictions of “beach-appropriate” outfits and some slightly adult situations (kissing, for example), but will not include any drug use/drug references.


The 18+ rating is given to songs that include references to and depictions of anything in PG, as well as situations and visuals that we would not include in PG, such as “skimpy” outfits or close-ups of certain body parts. Their lyrics are more sexually charged with violence including blood and death, and drug use/drug references. They do not contain explicit or coarse language.

The Playlist Builder App Makes it Easy to
Create Your Own Custom Playlists from our
Human-Curated Library

Create rich combinations of content to produce a dynamic experience and an unlimited number of custom playlists.

Build “Static Playlists” of content to control the exact flow of one item to the next, or to produce “pools” of content that can be used in “Dynamic Playlists”.

Build “Dynamic Playlists” which can contain any content you’d like, plus curated categories of content (like “Genres” for Music Content, “Tags” for Viral Content).

Auto-updating “Seasonal Categories” for Digital Signage Content, and more!

Dynamic Playlists use a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm combined with rules that you can set for things like Energy Level, Content Rating, and Duration on each item, to build a playlist that is unique to your business.

Import and Match Spotify Playlists

Pro Mode

Interact in real-time with the Live Playlist. Search the content libraries to add or delete content from your playlist.

Live Playlist Control

Search & Song Requests

Play Now quick-keys to override content with instant messages

Enhanced meta-data displays, showing Energy Level, BPM, Ratings and more

Whatever your expanding business requires, FEC Jump has a single click entertainment solution for you!

Get your customer’s Adrenaline going with this non-stop high-energy music video program featuring the newest titles from Top 40 and Dance.
Ratings Available 13+, 18+

All high-energy Mom-Approved songs from a variety of genres that the whole family can enjoy! With a little something for Mom, Dad, and the kids, you’ll have everyone jumping for joy!
Ratings Available ALL

Sometimes you just need more happy in your life. Here’s a mix of happy and upbeat songs!
Ratings Available 13+, 18+

Fun, high-energy hip-hop hits from current day, the 90s and 2000s!
Rated 18+

All of today’s HIGH ENERGY Pop and Dance with NO Rap!
Ratings Available 13+, 18+

Non-stop, high-energy classic and current party hits.
Ratings Available 13+, 18+

Rewind with the biggest hits from 2000-2009. An awesome high-energy flashback experience and the perfect playlist for a crowd looking to relive the decade that was. Featuring decade chart toppers like Nelly, OutKast, Britney Spears, The White Stripes and The Killers.
Ratings Available 18+

Designed for MAXIMUM IMPACT Entertainment! High-energy all rock show. Nothing but the all-time rock favorites and the hottest new rock hits. This one will definitely rock the house!
Rated 18+

Digital Signage example
title screen for the statue game


Create high-impact, engaging guest experiences with proven fun entertainment that seamlessly integrates into your playlists to take your guest experience to the next level. 

Experience+ content is music and video content that can be played on-demand, scheduled to play automatically, built into custom playlists, or automated with Seasonal Events.


Key Features

Library of Jump-specific digital content

Seasonal Event Visualizers

Special Event Warm-ups

Birthday Celebration content

Novelty Dances and Kids Novelty Montages

National Anthems

Closing Messages

Sound Effects & Background Video

Music Visualizers and Song Artwork screens when used with Streaming Music