Seeking Quality Partners that share a passion for Guest Entertainment Experiences!

At Control Play, we’re passionate about helping businesses elevate their success through immersive music, videos, and guest entertainment experiences, but we need your help to spread the revenue-boosting platform with your clients.

Not only do you provide customers with engaging and fully licensed content that helps their business grow, but partners also receive compensation for every purchase. That’s why we’re excited to invite a select group of Partner/Resellers to join us in this journey!

Why Partner with Control Play?

If you’re an audio and video integration professional or company, you could
add a new recurring revenue stream by partnering with Control Play!

10% Referral Fees
for 3 Years

By partnering with Control Play, you can earn 10% referral fees for every referred customer purchase, and you’ll keep earning those fees every month for 3 years!

Receive Support
to Help You Earn

Our support teams are on your side to ensure your success and help you sell Control Play to your customers.

Happier Customers

Your customers want to entertain their customers. You can help them by providing powerful Control Play features including Music, Music Video, Digital Signage, and Audio Messaging.

What Partners Are We Looking For?

We’re actively seeking partnerships with reputable companies that share our strategic focus on specific markets, including:

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Recurring Revenue Opportunity