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Player Tutorials

Getting Started

Learn the basics so you can start playing music and manipulate the playlist in your venue.

Infotainment Tutorial

Promote specials and events in your venue by playing our collection of Infotainment: digital signage and advertisements designed to promote items as close to the point of sale as possible!

Video Text

Learn how to set up a text scroll in your venue to promote specials, provide news feeds, and announce birthdays or other special events.

Song Ratings

Learn the differences between songs or music videos rated "All", "PG", or "Adult".

Playlist Builder

Want to make your own playlists and programs? This is your starting point.

Simple Scheduling

Automate your player's entire day—from program changes to infotainment promotions, as well as video text and volume changes.

Categorized Library

This video looks at the work our team puts into adding each song.

While other services just dump songs into their library and let you deal with where they should go, we'll take that task off your plate. 

Pre-Made Content

Some information about the pre-made content (Infotainment) available in the player, and details on how you can get your own custom content created.

Unparalleled Control

Are staff playing the wrong music channels at the wrong time? Learn how to lock down your player with passwords so no one can make changes, unless you want them to.

Infotainment Uploader

Got an in-house graphic designer or media specialist? We can show you how you can add your own advertisements to the player!