The best laid plans never succeed
without the ability to CONTROL
the execution of the plan.

Have you ever walked into your Roller Rink and said,
“why are they playing that”? Or worse, a customer
complains, “that is not appropriate”.


The Control Play platform provides advanced
to control your businesses guest
experience providing
you with happy
customers and peace of mind!


Scheduling & Automation

The Scheduling app and Automation engine enable you to fully automate playlists, content and even volume changes. This unlocks the power of Day-parting and Event Driven Flow to create a highly customized experience for the changing demographics in your venue.

Key Features

Schedule actions on a recurring weekly basis, one-time date specific, or with advanced rules.

Automate playlist, content and volume changes.

Once set up, the Player can run autonomously in a locked room.

Multiple Locations

No problem. Create events for one, a group, or all locations. Multi venue control provides the tools to easily manage content across your network of locations.

Content Blocks

Take full control of what does and does not play in your business.

Key Features

Block specific Artists, Songs and Genres from playing in your venue.

Make content more or less accessible by overriding existing content ratings with your own.

Override the visual element of content like Music Videos based on time of day.

Restricted Access

Create password-controlled levels of access for staff. You decide what access you give to your staff and managers if any!

Key Features

Create 3 Levels of Player Access: Staff, Management, Administration.

Limit Access to Only Approved Content and Playlists.

Ensure Only Management Control Automation Schedules.

Maintain Total Control of Your Guest Experience.

Admin Controls Restricts Functionality for Users.

Remote Control

Control your Guest Experience from anywhere!

Key Features

Select and change Playlists

Create New Playlists

Design and Manage Automations

Control Your Business While Staff Focus on the Customers

Add in Song Requests*

Select and Play audio messaging and digital signage*

*requires Pro Platform