Family Entertainment

Our focus on the Family Entertainment Business is increasing your revenue with a superior Guest Entertainment Experience. This way they come more often creating more revenue for your business.

Not every business and market is the same. That’s why we have music and marketing packs created specifically for the customers and day parts for your business.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your Guest Entertainment Experience is as unique as your business.

The core to our success in Family Entertainment is our proprietary lyrical and visual rating system. This is applied to every song in our library erasing the grief of unhappy parents and the hours required to achieve it.


We’ve developed our proprietary platform to provide the tools to define your entertainment experience. This achieves the delivery of a consistent experience while your staff stays focused on the guest.


They say content is king. We have developed industry-leading content packages specific to unique Family Entertainment experiences.

Bowling Music

The business of bowling is more demanding than ever and requires current technology and entertainment to remain relevant and boost revenue.


We understand the variety of demographics that you see every day and know that they each require a different sound and vibe. So we’ve created a wide variety of automated playlists to suit those needs, keeping your customer experience fresh and relevant.


Most importantly, we know you have a lot of families in the building… That’s why we created an extensive library of human-curated, MOM-approved lists ready to go!


Jump Adventure Parks

Who is deciding what music is being played in your Jump Adventure Park? Is your goal to have your shift managers decide what they want to hear, or is it to create a high energy family-friendly environment that your customers expect?


The vibe of the music sets the tone for the whole building. You need the energy of the music to match the intensity of the activity, so we’ve created a great variety of up-tempo playlists to match that need.


Energy, visual rating, lyrical rating, chart positioning, relevant classics and repeat rules are just a few of the criteria that create automatic, dynamic and fresh playlists.


Our proprietary automation functions make it a breeze to provide wristband announcements while promoting other revenue-producing attractions too!

Roller Skating Rinks

n today’s roller rinks, it’s all about keeping your sessions rollin’. This requires everything from a mix of genres, themes and games as unique as each session.
Adult Night, Family Fun Night, Birthday Parties, Christian Nights, Home School and Group Events?

Your music playlist varies depending on the demographic of your session. We make it easy with customizable, automated, ready-to-use mixes for your sessions.

Save hours by using our playlists as a base to create your own custom lists knowing that your entire library has been reviewed in detail. You can host the best sessions without worrying about content.

Plus we make it easy with themed songs for games and announcements to create more fun with increasing your revenues too. Making it even easier to create fun on the fly, it’s all managed from the floor with our Remote Control technology!