More Guests, More Often =
Increased Revenue!

Easily modernize your guest experience with your existing TVs and sound system.

The Jump Park Business is always evolving, always innovating to become a family entertainment destination. This creates opportunities to expand attractions, demographics and profit. 

Expanded food and beverage offerings, memberships, limited-time offers, and a multitude of events created the need for day-parted programming and precise audio messaging as well as digital signage to inform, educate and engage your customers. 

Active families are the heart of your business. Dependable and appropriate entertainment for each day-part and demographic is critical to your success. 

FEC Jump content combined with the Control Play platform provides you with entertainment and automated in-park messaging to consistently execute a truly unique guest experience to free up your team to focus on your guests.

FEC Jump is designed to make it easy for you to create delightful Guest Experiences
targeted to your many market opportunities.

Adult Night

Home Schools

Family Fun Events

Group Events

Birthday Parties


Corporate Events

Open Sessions

Christian Lock Ins

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