More Skaters, More Often =
Increased Revenue!

Easily modernize your guest experience with your existing TV’s
and sound system.

Roller Skating businesses have evolved.  The expanding multiple entertainment experiences for Family Fun create significant opportunities that require specific entertainment experiences and in-rink marketing. 

It’s all about keeping your sessions rollin’ with a mix of genres, themes and games as unique as each session. All while keeping your guests informed and delighted with the multiple entertainment options your business offers.

FEC SK8 is designed to make it easy for you to create delightful Guest Experiences
targeted to your many market opportunities.

Christian Nights

Family Fun Night

Home Schools

Birthday Parties

Group Events

Sip N Skate


Adult Night

All Night Skates

NEW Remote Control Application!

Take control of your playlists from anywhere with any internet-connected device!

Add in Song Requests

Select and Play Audio Messaging

Select and Play Games

Select and Change Playlists

Create New Playlists