Turn On PROMOTE and Turn UP the REVENUE!

with Digital Signage & Audio Messaging

Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising is a fast-growing industry and a powerful medium
for engaging customers.

The use of your Screens and Speakers will inform, and engage customers with your own
messaging. Your customers will have more fun and spend more! 

Digital Signage Promotion Example
Fundraising Example of Digital Signage


Your customers experience Out-Of-Home Marketing in Gyms, Grocery Stores, Medical Retail and leading retail brands.

Big Brands spend more on Out-Of-Home advertising to speak directly to consumers at the point of purchase because it works!

Properly integrated into your entertainment playlists, Out-Of-Home Marketing at your rink is an easy, cost effective way to create a modern revenue generating experience.

Don’t try to sell ketchup popsicles to ladies in white gloves. The music you choose to play will automatically provide you with the promotional content you should be playing.

Audio messaging and Digital Signage will inform, entertain and engage your customers so they skate more often.

Food and Beverage – Theme Nights –  Birthdays – Corporate Parties – Join Our Team & More

We have professionally produced hundreds of pieces of content specific for the Skating
Guest Experience that are ready for you.

Video Text

Think of it as a P.A. System alternative that uses captivating video
messages integrated into your screens. Easily create customer
messaging for promotions, special announcements, news or
social media updates. 

Use text and background colors, as well as full screen background videos to catch your guests’ attention.

Save your Video Texts for future use or reuse.

Create Video Texts from RSS Feeds to show news headlines, weather, sports scores, social media updates, and more!

Video Texts can be played instantly, or scheduled with the Scheduling & Automation Feature Pack.

Integrate marketing messaging into your
playlists or automate them to play at specific
times on specific days!

Multiple formats from Video-only, to Audio-Video or Audio-only

Use the Playlist Builder app to create playlists or mix with other content

Library of hundreds of industry-specific pieces of digital content

Upload your own content

Use to replace inappropriate Music Video visuals

Use with Streaming Music

Custom production available