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Tutorial Videos

Browse through our collection of popular “How To” videos to get the most out of your tools and bringing your Guest Entertainment Experience to the next level!

General Tutorials


The dashboard is the home for all your favorites. Let’s learn how to manage the dashboard.

Player Menu

If you have multiple players on your account, then you can access them all here.

Player Settings

There are lots of settings that can be customized to your player. Let’s learn about some of the most popular settings.

Music/Playback Tutorials

Music Menu – Quick Look

The music menu is where all of your playlists can be found. Let’s learn how to get a playlist started and navigate the page.

Block Song

Let’s learn how to block an Artist or Song from playing in your player.

Rating Tool

You may want to re-rate a song or video based on the needs and demographics of your venue. Let’s learn how to do this.

Adding a Pause Command

If you find yourself needing to make a PA announcement but don’t want any music playing, here’s an easy way to execute this plan.

Messaging Tutorials

Promote Screen

All of the built-in and custom promotional content can be found on your promote menu. Let’s learn how to play a piece or promote content.

Experience Plus Menu

Experience+ content adds to the guest experience in your venue. Let’s learn about this menu.

Uploader Tool

Let’s learn how to upload your own custom content to your player.

Video Text Feature

Let’s learn about the on-the-fly messaging tool that will display at the bottom of your video window.

Automate Tutorials


Let’s learn about how to set up automation to feed your daily schedule.

Schedule Screen

The schedule screen is a display of all of your automation setup on your player. Let’s learn more about this menu.