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Football pre-season has started, the first sign we’re about to swing into the fall sports season. Combined with a whole year where people couldn’t get together to watch their favorite teams, there’s never been a better time to make the big games a big part of your entertainment experience!

The first step to make your bar or restaurant the place to be for tailgate and post-game party fun is to make sure the vibe is set. The right playlist can make the difference between an ordinary experience and a memorable one! You’ve got a gameday crowd, great food, maybe even a drink special to help attract that crowd. But all the work you’ve put into that means nothing if the music you’re playing doesn’t create the right atmosphere. It’s about providing guests with what they want to hear. This is where you need your perfect soundtrack for the game: something that gets everyone pumped up while still being appropriate for all ages (try “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor)!

The right playlist will help set the tone for the experience your guests are going to have. There’s nothing more deflating than going to catch the 1 o’clock kickoff and the bar is still playing a laidback brunch playlist that doesn’t fit the experiencing you expect!

On Control Play, there’s already a Gameday Playlist pack designed to help you avoid those pitfalls. The Gameday mix plays upbeat, high energy music videos to get the blood pumping and your guests ready to cheer for their favorite team, and the Post-Game Party mix keeps the vibe going once the game is done, so your guests will be more inclined to stick around and keep the party going!

Introducing Gameday-Country, Gameday-Courtside, and Gameday-Retro

And now, we have even more options for you to enjoy! The BRAND NEW Gameday-Country, Gameday-Courtside, and Gameday-Retro mixes give you even more fine-tuned playlist options depending on the makeup of your unique game day crowd!

And to make life even easier, check out how you can schedule playlists and your game day digital signage to automatically play at the times you want using Control Play’s automated scheduling tool.

Want to see it live in action? Book a demo today! 

Andrew Moss

Andrew Moss is a Playlist Specialist at Control Play, passionate about helping thousands of bars, restaurants, bowling centers, family entertainment centers and more create the ideal music atmosphere for their business. When not working with business owners looking to create a stellar guest atmosphere, Andrew enjoys sipping a cold Alexander Keith’s and listening to Rolling Stones records. Andrew has previously worked as a radio DJ, music reviewer, and band manager.

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