Why Scheduling and Automation is Critical to Manage Your Guest Experience

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There are a few things it’s always important to consider when programming the music at your bar, restaurant, or entertainment center:

  1. Is it demographic appropriate?
    • It doesn’t matter how awesome you think your playlist is if it’s not what the guests in your building want to hear. A bass-bumping EDM mix might get the blood flowing on a Friday night, but if you’ve got an older aged crowd in for lunch service, you’re only going to hear complaints about the headache you’re giving them. Make sure to keep your customer demographics in mind!
  2. Does it match the vibe of business?
    • That same EDM playlist might be killer if your venue has more of a clubby, party-oriented vibe. But if you’re an Irish pub? That playlist might not be communicating the brand message you want it to.
  3. Is it right for the time of day?
    • Your playlists need to match the daypart they’re designed for! The tempo of the music and the genre mix should change to match the time you want people to hear it. Whether it’s Happy Hour, Friday night, Sunday brunch, or any other time, the playlist should make sense for the vibe you want to create so your guests will want to stick around and spend their money!

And yet there’s still one stumbling block many people run into, even if you’ve done all of the above. How do you know the music is actually going to play at the time you want it to? You could have the greatest happy hour playlist in the world, but if 4 o’clock rolls around and you’re depending on an employee to remember to switch the playlist, they could get busy, forget, and never change it to the appropriate mix. Or even worse, they could decide to put on something they personally want to hear instead of the programming you’ve carefully planned.

With Control Play’s scheduling automation, you can make sure that’s not going to happen to you! By using the scheduling tool, you can automate exactly when your playlists turn on and when they turn off, so all the hard work you’ve done to create the perfect music atmosphere doesn’t go to waste. That amazing happy hour mix? It’s going to play every time your happy hour kicks off, and the best part is you won’t even have to think about it.

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