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It’s no secret that an increase in average check size will lead to a higher restaurant revenue. Digital signage is one of the most effective tools for increasing average check size and ultimately your profit, having been proven to increase revenue per guest by an average of 10%-25%! That’s a lot of money for any restaurant owner to say no to.

Digital signage can be used in so many ways including advertising specials, new menu items, and even showing off pictures from events held at the restaurant. It doesn’t take a ton of time or resources either. Read on to learn how digital signage can help you increase revenue per guest, as well as tips for implementation.

1. Increase menu sales: Promote food items with limited time offers or seasonal menus by highlighting them on digital displays at point-of-sale locations, entrances, and other areas customers pass through while waiting in line. This creates customer awareness and increases sales by enticing customers with new menu offerings they may not have considered before their visit. For example: if pumpkin spice latte season is coming up soon, then promote your new premium “Bourbon Pumpkin Spice Smash Explosion” drink and build anticipation and increase sales of a premium drink.

2. Grab attention and increase engagement. The screens provide eye-catching visuals that grab people’s attention. This can work in a variety of ways, but key here is to grab attention without crossing over to “intruding” on their customer experience. A great way to make things more fun is to include historical facts or fun trivia that will engage customers. Engaged visitors are much more likely to stay for “one more round”. The key here is to keep the content fresh.

3. Digital signage is an effective way to advertise local attractions and events. OK, this element doesn’t necessarily add to your 10% revenue increase this visit, but one of the best ways to encourage repeat visits by patrons is letting them know what is coming up. Advertising bands, special bar themed nights, trivia, or even upcoming events in the city will help encourage patrons to take note of what is happening and return for one of your special events. At a minimum patrons will know that your establishment is the go-to place when looking for action on their next night out.

4. Start with an excellent beacon to get patrons to come in the first place. Do you know how many times a day your customers walk past your restaurant without even looking in the window? You might not, but they do. They see all sorts of shops and restaurants as they make their way down the street or to work. Why would they stop at one place when there are so many others that look just as good? Your eye-catching digital signage can serve as a great beacon to help guide customers into your establishment. Having specials rotate in an interactive or engaging way in the entrance can be an enticing way to guide patrons into your restaurant.

5. One of the best things about digital signage is it can be tailored for any size budget or space. It’s inexpensive, dynamic, and quick to change/update. If you find that one special isn’t working or a band had to cancel for this weekend, the digital signage can be changed in seconds and updated across the entire restaurant. No more crossing out signs or missing a promo card in an unsuspecting location.

*Bonus* Sell advertising space. OK, this option might not appeal to everyone but it can help with average check size in an indirect way. Digital signage can create and additional revenue stream or great cross promotion opportunities for events coming up and other businesses that you might partner with. Promoters may want to promote events they have coming up (which individuals could come by your restaurant before the event) or the “artisan cheese shop” you use for one of your signature dishes might negotiate discounts for you promotion or even pay for placement in your digital signage rotation.

Have you ever considered the power of digital signage? If not, it’s time to start. Digital signage can be used in so many ways including advertising specials, new menu items, and even showing off pictures from events held at your restaurant. But what really makes this technology powerful is how easy it is to implement – no matter if you have a small or large budget, space constraints, or want one-of-a-kind marketing material for your business. We are here to help! Interested in learning more about digital signage? Visit the Control Play contact page and speak with a representative for all the details on how we can get started with creating an awesome plan that will perfectly suit your needs.

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Andrew Moss

Andrew Moss is a Playlist Specialist at Control Play, passionate about helping thousands of bars, restaurants, bowling centers, family entertainment centers and more create the ideal music atmosphere for their business. When not working with business owners looking to create a stellar guest atmosphere, Andrew enjoys sipping a cold Alexander Keith’s and listening to Rolling Stones records. Andrew has previously worked as a radio DJ, music reviewer, and band manager.

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