How Control Play Digital Signage Templates Are Different

When it comes to successfully utilizing digital signage as part of your guest experience, CONTENT IS KING! Your content has to be attractive, engaging and relevant to the eyes that are looking at it. When creating your digital signage content, you need to think like your audience to be relevant and most importantly you have fresh content for your playlists.

Control Play Digital Signage templates are a quick, easy, cost effective way to create professional digital signage that engages and influences your customers.

Why are Control Play templates different?

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, we specialize in providing content for entertainment and hospitality destinations and have created a library of digital signage designed specifically for entertainment and hospitality. This makes it easy to find proven designs to engage and influence your customers

  1. Choose the themed digital signage template for your promotion
  2. Customize to create your branded message that sells
  3. Submit to publish and schedule

Easily edit, delete or reschedule your signage.

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