Simplifying Your Content Management Across Multiple Venues with Control Play

Does this scenario sound familiar? Running around with USB sticks, swapping them in and out of TVs, or wrestling with clunky software managed at each location to update your marketing messages across all venues? This is one of the biggest headaches we hear from business owners every day. They need an easier way to get their marketing messages out across all their venues, and it needs to be timely.

That’s where Control Play comes in, your straightforward solution for simplifying content management. Imagine being able to schedule your marketing messages, specials, and promotions—whether it’s for one venue or a hundred—nationally, regionally, or locally, all from the comfort of… well, anywhere!

Let’s look at a real-world example: March Madness is around the corner, and you’ve got an awesome crowd cheering on their favorite teams at your venue. You want to let them know about the amazing specials you’re offering. Control Play will help you efficiently schedule these marketing messages to play at the most opportune times.

Here’s how easy it is: Choose your start date (let’s say, a week before the tournament), and set the end date (How about April 7th, the last Saturday before the championship games).  Select the times you want your message to air – maybe during halftime or right before the game starts. And presto! Your message will run smoothly at all your selected times, every day, across all venues. No more USB stick marathons!

We have broken this concept down in this video.

But it’s not just about making things easier, it’s about making them better. Whether your venues are spread across the country or concentrated in a single city, Control Play enables you to customize your messaging, playlists, and automations to fit each location’s unique atmosphere and push those updates to each venue immediately. Want to create a country vibe in Texas and an urban feel in L.A.? No problem. Control Play’s flexibility means your content execution and playlist control can be as diverse as your customer base. And with this kind of efficiency, you can devote more time to what’s truly important – running your business and delighting your customers.

With Control Play, you’re not just keeping up but you’re setting the pace. Embrace the power to customize, automate, and revolutionize how you communicate with your customers, ensuring your venues always offer a fresh, relevant, and compelling experience. Ready to transform your business’s approach to content management? Contact us

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