AI Driven Playlists – What Does It Mean for Music in Your Bar and Restaurant

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As any music fan will tell you, a good playlist can make or break the vibe in a room. This is true at home, playing music in your living room with guests or alone in your headphones, but even more so when designing a playlist of music for a bar or restaurant. The good thing for modern music listeners is how much help is out there! No matter what music service you use to listen to music for personal use, you can be sure that behind the scenes, analyzing what would make the perfect playlist for you, is AI driven playlist technology.

Music apps are constantly tracking your searches, usage statistics, and likes to recommend songs for you. But how can AI driven playlists help bars and restaurants? Unlike music apps for personal listening which focus on one person’s individual taste, when it comes to programming music for a room full of people in a hospitality setting there’s much more to consider.

Does the music being played have broad appeal (without being so overplayed your guests cringe)? Does the playlist fit the vibe of the room and the brand identity you’re trying to establish? The songs themselves might be great, but does the tempo of the music fit the time of day it’s being played?

That’s why Control Play combines the best of both worlds, using AI driven playlists in conjunction with a human touch that’s so often found missing in our modern technology landscape. When working with subscribers, Control Play’s playlist team will create a templated playlist, blending genres, sub-genres , and themes to create a data driven template that will recommend different songs and artists that always match a consistent vibe. Where the human side of curation comes into it is when determining what songs belong in what collections of music, and what tempo of music makes sense in what daypart for your business.

This combined approach not only gives you a personalized, brand-specific playlist experience, it also gives you the benefit of the human touch that purely AI driven playlists can lack. To learn more about Control Play’s playlists, click here. Or, for an even deeper look into how Control Play’s music library is curated, check out this quick video:

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