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Get ready for a fully automated New Year celebration all day long with Control Play. Restaurants, Bars, Eatertainment Venues, Bowling Centers and Family Entertainment Centers utilize Control Play programs to create memorable New Year celebration guest experiences!

Adam Melrose HeadshotChief Playlist Officer, Adam Melrose has been involved in producing these programs for over a decade. We sat down with Adam and discussed how Control Play helps businesses ring in the new year.

Tell me how Control Play provides a unique Guest Experience for business on New Years Eve? Is it the classic countdown at midnight?

We love NYE! It’s usually the biggest party of the year and we strive to make it as easy as possible to nail the messaging and music. We have an automation setup that will start your countdown at noon and count you down to midnight.

Are these available in audio and video?

They are available in both media types. If you’re a video subscriber there will be a corresponding visual on the screen during the audio announcement.

Young couple partying for NYEThe mock show sounds interesting. What type of businesses would use this and how do they make it part of their guest experience?

Many businesses have create major profit centers by running ‘family countdowns’ earlier in the day. You might be running a 6pm party so we can setup the mock countdown to start at 5:50pm so that you get the countdown at ‘midnight.’

What do you do at midnight and how do you deal with different times zones?

The player recognizes your unique time zone and your automation schedule is setup to respect it. You’ll get the countdown at midnight in your time zone.

Do I have to use it or is it optional?

Completely optional but if you’re running any sort of event I would highly recommend its use. There are so many balls in the air when running an event, why add more to-do’s by needing to remember to play the NYE content manually.

Do I need my staff to execute this, or can it happen automatically?

It’s the Automations tool for the win, in this case. They could play the content manually but if it was my business I would want them looking after my guests and not ‘playing DJ.’




How do I make Control Play part of my New Year Guest Entertainment Experience?

Connect with the support team any day of the week for help with the automation or watch the following video:

In wrapping up our discussion, Control Play can stand as an essential asset for businesses aiming to elevate their New Year celebrations. Our innovative, automated system not only streamlines event management, making it hassle-free, but also significantly enriches guest experiences. Control Play caters to various celebration styles, from the excitement of the classic midnight countdown to the joy of family-friendly events earlier in the day.

Jim Juniper

Jim is a Co-founder at Control Play. He is an evangelist for strategic content curation. His passion is helping successful, growing businesses create guest entertainment experiences that make their customers happy! Connect with Jim on LinkedIn -