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Infotainment on a phone Control Play Playlists on a phoneA control play phone playlistToday we will be revisiting the newest version of Control Play’s software and we think you’re going to love it! Our team has been hard at work to make this version the best updated experience for all of Control Play’s users. Everything from the remote control to menu and scheduling options have been overhauled and revamped for an easier and more personalized experience. All the changes that come with Version 12 are done to give you additional choices that can be completed anytime, from anywhere.

Remote Control

Version 12 has improved and reimagined the Remote Control. By visiting, you can access all the features and functions of the player on any device with an internet connection. From there, you can change features, playlists, and schedules, and view your different menus to see what is playing and what will play. At a quick glance, you can find information on your favorite playlists, content, and schedules in the Dashboard menu. There is also the addition of the Players Button, where each of your different zones and locations are easily accessible and clearly differentiated.


Control Play Playlist Builder on a tabletNext, you can see further details about your playlists. This view has been altered to be easier to digest and navigate, no matter the device you use. Not only can you pause and skip songs, but you can also edit playlists on the fly. Pressing the pencil icon at the top of the playlist will let you change the order of songs and remove unwanted songs from the playlist. Clicking the “i” icon will close the options. Adding songs in this menu has also been made easier; the magnifying glass icon will bring up a search bar that, by default, will let you search by artist or song name. The three dots beside the bar will let you change your search criteria. Lastly, under the music tab is where you will find your custom playlists and any theme playlists that are part of your subscription. All these new changes are designed to give you more options to develop your playlists quickly and easily as needed.


Control Play offers more than music playlists and options for you. Beyond your constructed playlists and themed packs, there are the promotional options that Version 12 offers some of the biggest changes to your experience. The first and simpler new development for this aspect of our software is the Experience+ tab. Content that enhances your guests’ experiences will be found here. Various announcements, dances, anthems, and other messages will be listed and organized under this tab.

The Promote tab, another major new development for Control Play, is where any promotional content will be found. Any of this content can edited, played on the fly, or added to the schedule. Any of your promotional content can be searched by clicking the magnifying glass icon, making it quick and easy to find the messages and playlists you want on at every necessary moment. These new systems are designed for accessibility, adaptability, and customization so that you never have to fret over the playlists you designed, no matter where you are in the world.


The Control Play Remote ControlNext, we have the Scheduling tool, which has been renovated to make everything revolving around your playlists easier and automated. Clicking the robot icon will begin the process to make a new automation, which can be a different recurring time slot in any given playlist. When creating or customizing automations, you can choose the type of automation, when they are played in your playlist, what day they start, and what day you want them to end if needed. This updated function allows you to automate playlists, video texts and digital signage, and player commands. This newly designed Scheduling and Automation tool gives you more options to setup your playlists quickly and efficiently.

Increased Access

Lastly, there are the options subscribers of Control Play will already be familiar with, only now they are accessible on any device, wherever you are. Both the Playlist Builder and Video Text options are available under this new remote format. You can create any custom playlist and create text messages to be used in videos or digital signage right from your phone or tablet. At the very bottom of the Remote Menu will be your account and support options readily accessible.

All these new or redesigned features were developed to be easy to use wherever and whenever you need them. Control Play Version 12 is designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve while running any successful business. If you haven’t upgraded to Version 12 or would like a demonstration of all of the new features – reach out to us!

Looking for some detailed “How To’s”? Check out our V12 How To Playlist on YouTube!

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