Control Play’s Jim Juniper Featured in December Issue of Bowling Center Management

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Creating the right atmosphere in a business is a subtle art that combines many elements including decor, customer service, and importantly, music. Control Play’s co-founder Jim Juniper recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Bowling Center Management to discuss tips and delve into the nuances of using music effectively to enhance the ambiance of bowling centers.

The article outlines the importance of not only playing music but ensuring that you play the right music at the right time for the right demographic.BCM Cover

Some of the key insights center around:

Understanding Your Audience The key to a successful music strategy is understanding your audience. Different times of the day attract different demographics, each with their unique preferences.

Music Selection and Volume It’s important to understand it’s not just what you play but how you play it. Genre matters. The selection of tracks should evolve over the day to match the changing mood and pace of your business. Equally crucial is the volume – it should complement, not overpower, the customer experience.

Legal and Technical A critical point raised by BCM is the legal aspect of playing music in a public space. They discuss ensuring compliance with licensing laws to avoid potential fines. Additionally, investing in a good sound system is essential for delivering quality audio that complements the business environment.

Jim Juniper Cofounder of Control Play
Control Play Co-Founder, Jim Juniper

Jim notes that “You have to ask yourself ‘what type of customers do I want’ It’s important to take control of your music” and that “You do not want to leave music selection and volume up to your staff members”

Content through Control Play and Bowling Music Network (BMN) stands out for its ‘mom-approved’ stamp, a testament to its family-friendly vibe. What really sets it apart is the human touch behind it. It’s not just some algorithm churning out tunes; it’s a handpicked selection curated by a team of creative and thoughtful employees. This personal approach ensures that the music resonates with a wide audience, making it a hit for all ages.

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The conversation with BCM underscores the power of music in creating a business atmosphere. By understanding your audience, aligning music with your brand, and being mindful of legal and technical aspects, you can significantly enhance the customer experience, making your business not just a place to visit, but a place to remember.

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Read the full article starting on page 26 at BCM Online

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