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We help fun, growing businesses create and share their vibe!

Have you ever entered a business and immediately felt a sense of ease and excitement, knowing you were about to have an unforgettable experience? You found your place. That’s the power of a great vibe – and it’s no fluke, they were expecting you, and they know what you like. This vibe was created with people just like you in mind.

We have a playlist pack for thatWe started Control Play in 2004 with the belief that we could combine our innovative software with human creativity to curate the most appropriate, consistent, entertaining playlists.

Elevating Brand Experiences with Proven Strategies

Fast forward to 2024, and we’re honored to have contributed to the success stories of some of the world’s biggest and most renowned brand experiences. Our Chief Playlist Officer, Adam Melrose, and his team have developed a proven process that leverages our human-curated content library with our powerful software.  The outcome is helping vibrant, growing businesses not just reach, but deeply connect with their audience through consistent, entertaining, and mood-setting music and visuals.

Check it out:

Our Music Consultation Process:

  1. Personalized Onboarding: Whether through phone calls or Zoom meetings, we begin by understanding your business’s key service times.
  2. Demographic Analysis: We discuss the demographics present during different times to select the perfect music for each segment, ensuring the vibe aligns with your brand’s vision and customer expectations.
  3. Custom Playlists: From national to individual levels, we craft playlists tailored to the distinct character of your brand, with the flexibility to create regional variations.
  4. Efficient Setup and Updates: Our remote tool allows for easy setup and ongoing updates from one central location, streamlining the process of adjusting playlists.
  5. Regular Engagement: Regular touchpoints with our team ensure your playlists remain fresh, incorporating seasonal themes and new releases to keep your atmosphere vibrant and current.

Why Choose Control Play?

  • Expertly Curated Content: Explore our library of content meticulously curated by industry professionals, designed to suit any establishment’s vibe and theme.
  • Tailored to Your Brand: Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We understand the uniqueness of your brand and tailor our services to align with your specific vibe and audience.
  • Innovative Software: Leverage the latest in technology to ensure your business’s atmosphere is always engaging, consistent, and memorable.
  • Proven Success: Join the ranks of top global brands that trust Control Play to elevate their customer experience.





Control Play stands out by offering a unique blend of expertise, customization, and innovative technology, to transform your business vibe. It’s not just about the music or the visuals – it’s about creating a cohesive, inviting space where customers feel immediately at home and fully immersed in the experience.

Ready to make your business the next go-to spot?

Jim Juniper

Jim is a Co-founder at Control Play. He is an evangelist for strategic content curation. His passion is helping successful, growing businesses create guest entertainment experiences that make their customers happy! Connect with Jim on LinkedIn -