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Bands and rockstars cater their playlists for each show so that there is a good mix of certified chart-topping hits, lesser-known gems that only their hardcore fanbase knows, and old and new songs. This style ensures the concert is fresh and invigorating for fans while keeping them satisfied with the show and wanting to come back for another. This aspect of music curation – playing the right music at the right time for the right people – is how Control Play makes you feel like a rockstar yourself.

Atmosphere in a bar. People having a drinkMusic is more than just background or ambient sound filling the occasional silences between customers. Music draws people into your venue, keeps them entertained, and invigorates the energy and atmosphere of your establishment, making customers want to come back – while bringing friends and family to share the experience with! Control Play’s system will be your secret weapon to curate your sound system to make your life easier and your customers’ experiences memorable.

Integrating Control Play into your existing setup is easy and will give you access to pre-made playlists for any occasion or event, automated messages and song transitions, and music videos. Creating the music playlist and atmosphere for your business has never been easier. With Control Play, your library will be constantly updated with the latest music trends, so your business never feels outdated. You can then choose carefully curated playlists for any time of day, demographic, or event based on your needs.

Control Play allows your music system to change on the fly, from one playlist to another, based on your business trends. Music for the business lunch rush can seamlessly flow into a mid-afternoon coffee break for those seniors that might happen to come by. Family-oriented dinner music can be switched to Friday night dance party at the press of a button and can even be setup to automatically change when you need it without you having to be there. Everything can be set beforehand, giving you a hands-free experience while increasing your customers enjoyment. When they come to your venue for specific reasons at specific times, they will want to hear music that fits their vibe and energy.

The team behind this system is filled with experts so that you don’t have to know every bit of technical data. They make the software easy to use, the playlists energetic and fun, and they ensure everything is reviewed and rated properly so you don’t have to worry about crude lyrics or messages. Gone are the days where any employee puts on their own playlist when you’re not there, but you certainly hear or read about it from angry customers and families.

Control Play takes care of the music curation – they are the music producer to your rockstar – so you can spend less time worrying about what song will be playing next and more time engaging with your business, staff, and customers on a personal level.

Jim Juniper

Jim is a Co-founder at Control Play. He is an evangelist for strategic content curation. His passion is helping successful, growing businesses create guest entertainment experiences that make their customers happy! Connect with Jim on LinkedIn -

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