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Digital signage is more than the blackboard-and-chalk signs of the past – when done right, it becomes an experience for your customers.  The screens and signs you put up will contain videos and infographics, changing specials and daily staples.  Every slide and image on those screens will cement your restaurant and bar inside your customers’ minds as the place they both need and want to go to when it comes time for happy hour, family dinners, and game-time drinks.

Your experience starts before a customer even steps foot in your establishment.  Hundreds of potential patrons walk by your restaurant and dozens like yours everyday.  To bring in those passers-by and turn them into a dedicated clientele, you will want to catch their attention and engage them with your business immediately.  At the door is where you can use special music videos and other visualizations to help direct the crowds and drive your business and revenue.

We all know that the restaurant industry is fiercely competitive. In such a competitive market, how can you stand out amongst your competitors?  Every aspect of your restaurant needs to pop and stay in your customers’ minds. Digital signage will help bring the customers in, keep them with your business, and bring them back for you.  Since you make the signs and you curate what goes on those screens, you are in full control of the messaging that differentiates you from the other entertainment options down the street.

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Using Control Play will help you develop your business’s needs through interactive and engaging visuals.  Using distinct and unique videos can help elevate your business above the competition; while they’re playing the worn-out news reels and sports highlights they’ve already seen, you’ll have customers entertained and engrossed with the latest music videos curated to the vibe you want to create.  The systems of Control Play remove the hassle of managing your digital signage without taking away the enjoyment of developing a specialized customer experience.

Using your screens to showcase your specials and events that are unique to your restaurant in a fun and engaging way allows you to move beyond the chalk and the billboards; Control Play will make it easy to establish your business as different, exciting, and memorable. When your restaurant feels and looks different from the others along the street, more people will give you their business more often, and they’ll talk about it with their friends.

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