How To Make Gift Cards Your Winning Holiday Strategy

Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas festive cocktail red martiniThe holiday season is here and, let’s be honest, it’s sounding the alarm for habitual last-minute shoppers. Supply chain challenges are still tightening the gift-giving game, but you hold a trump card (pun intended): gift cards! 50% of respondents in a recent Mintel Winter Holiday Shopping Report would rather receive an experiential gift than “a thing”. That number goes up to 66% for people between the ages of 25 and 34. And for you, the family entertainment centers, bar, restaurants, and bowling venues, it’s the perfect opportunity to promote gift cards as the ideal holiday present and stocking stuffer.

Selling gift cards brings in immediate income and attracts customers during the quieter winter months. Plus, with 70% of customers spending about 40% more than the card’s value, it’s a great way to increase earnings in those months. Additionally, based on data from the National Restaurant Association, an impressive 72% of people prefer restaurant gift cards. The question is: how can we effectively encourage more purchases? Let’s explore some strategies to make your gift cards the go to present for everyone this holiday season.

Leverage Your Digital Signage
To boost gift card sales with digital signage, concentrate on designing vibrant and captivating visuals. Place these signs in areas with high customer traffic, especially near points of purchase to encourage impulse buying. Additionally, leverage the power of storytelling by featuring testimonials from customers who have enjoyed their experience because of gift cards.

Daypart Your Promotions
To maximize the effectiveness of your signage and boost gift card sales, consider using dayparting, which involves changing your digital signage content at different times of the day. For instance, display your signage all day but increase its frequency during dinner hours. This can remind guests of the great service they’re experiencing and inspire them to give that same experience as a gift through your cards.

Make Online Effortless

Make buying gift cards simple by offering them online. This lets customers buy them anytime, from anywhere, perfect for quick gifts. Plus, use QR codes on signs in your restaurant. Customers can scan these with their phones and go straight to your website to buy a gift card. This mix of online sales and easy QR codes makes getting gift cards fast and easy.

The Ultimate Combo: Gift Cards and a Little Extra
Boost your gift card sales by adding bonus rewards. For example, give a free $10 card with every $50 gift card purchase or package gift cards with a small gift, like a branded glass or a free dessert. This makes your gift cards more than just a card, it becomes a gift package, creating value for the recipient and also the giver.

Forge A Winning Partnership

Expanding on the concept of pairing gift cards with a little extra, consider collaborating with other local businesses for cross-promotion. This approach can be mutually beneficial and attract a wider customer base. For instance, when a customer buys a gift card from your restaurant, they could receive a complimentary item or discount from a partnered local business, like a boutique or a coffee shop. Similarly, the partner business can offer incentives that promote your restaurant. This not only enhances the value of your gift card but also strengthens community ties, encourages local shopping, and introduces your customers to other local offerings. Such cross-promotions can significantly increase the appeal of your gift cards, making them standout choices for consumers seeking unique and thoughtful gifts.

Point of SaleRally The Team
Getting your team involved in promoting and selling gift cards is crucial for success. Start by training your staff on the benefits and details of the gift cards, ensuring they can confidently answer customer questions and highlight the advantages. Encourage them to mention gift cards during interactions, especially when customers are enjoying their experience or looking for gift ideas. You can also set up incentives or friendly competitions among team members to motivate them to sell more cards. Remember, your staff are your best ambassadors; when they’re enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the gift cards, they can significantly drive sales and enhance customer interest.

With these strategies, your gift cards will be front and center in your business. These cards aren’t just gifts they are an invitation to a memorable experience. And remember, if you need a little extra help or are looking for more creative ideas to boost your gift card sales, our guest experience team is always here to assist.

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