How to Make New Year’s Eve Memorable at Your Business

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The end of another year marks one of the most lucrative nights for bars, restaurants, and clubs. New Year’s Eve is the biggest party nights of the year as people celebrate the year that has gone and are excited for the year to come. With every one of your competitors attempting the same thing, you will have to stand out and upsell your business so that customers flock to you for their New Year’s Eve festivities.

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While other restaurants around the block are bringing out the tired and old decorations from their storage closet, consider incorporating a theme to pique customer interest by differentiating yourself. Your theme can be anything you want, so long as it is new and fun for your guests. Including food menus, drink options, games, and specials that fit your theme will help bring people into your restaurant, keep them spending throughout the night, and encourage them to become regulars.

Entice Customers with Packages and Specials

It is never too late to bring in customers with special deals. New Year’s Eve is a great time to turn your restaurant into a memorable dining experience. Consider having various dinner menu packages that are enhanced with dinner-party level service and entertainment. Giving your guests options between everyday menus and special plated dinners will broaden your customer base over the course of the day and well into the partying hours of the event.

Adding after-dinner packages for those who want to take party to the next level after midnight will help further entice people to come in for the dinner festivities as well. Including different ticket packages, from a simple plated dinner to a VIP experience complete with free food choices and bottle service. People tend to spend more when given the option, so make sure you offer it!

Embrace Your Digital Signage

During the often-chaotic hours of a proper New Year’s Eve bash, information can be lost between customers and servers. Ensuring your digital signs are properly up-to-date, informative, and easily accessible will keep your customers in the know and happy with their decision to come to your restaurant. Any change of event or update to the menu will be reflected on your signs that any guest can see easily without the need to interrupt their time with friends or your servers during the busy hours of the night. Including your scheduled events or which table is being served (in the event of a larger, full-restaurant plated dinner) will help both your servers and guests know exactly what is happening anytime for the whole night.

Every New Year’s Eve party isn’t complete without the monumental countdown to bring in the new year. All Control Play customers have access to a New Year’s countdown that can be played through your digital signage and will update throughout the day of December 31st, finishing with the exciting 10-second countdown.

New Years Eve How To

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