Is Your Venue Geared Up for The Big Game?

Two friends wearing football jerseys cheering during a football game

With the Big Game just a few weeks away, it’s time to fine-tune your strategy to ensure an unforgettable experience for your fans. Here’s how you can score big with your patrons and keep them cheering for more.

How’s Your Food and Drink Game

Wings and mini football snack
Elevate game day with creatively themed food and drinks, adding unique, team-inspired twists to classics for a standout fan experience

The key to capturing the spirit of the game lies not just in what’s on the screen, but also on the plates and in the glasses of your fans. Tailoring your food and drink specials to the theme of the game isn’t just a strategy – it’s an art. Think beyond the standard dishes and create a menu that resonates with the energy and excitement of the game. Even taking classics like wings, fries, and nachos and jazzing them up with unique twists inspired by the teams playing. Think special sauces or ingredients straight from the team’s hometowns to give your fans a real taste of the game. Imagine Buffalo wings getting a twist with a sauce inspired by the team’s city or onion rings served in a style that celebrates a star player. The secret ingredient to a successful game day experience is creativity and these unique touches don’t just add to the taste but also to the overall experience, making your offerings stand out in a sea of game day menus.

Team Spirit is More Than Just on the Field.

Waitress serving some drinks for the big game
A successful game day relies on a well-prepped, enthusiastic staff team, equipped to handle the rush and ensure a fantastic experience for all.

Every unforgettable game day is backed by an awesome team of staff working their magic behind the scenes. With the Big Game bringing a flood of traffic, it’s important to keep your team happy and pumped. How about giving them tasks that play to their strengths or throwing in some cool rewards after the shift? This not only gets them excited but also means they’ll be on top of their game, making sure everyone has a great time.

Now, let’s talk prep. It’s going to be one of those crazy busy nights, especially if you’re a sports bar. Your crew needs to know the drill – where they should be, how to back each other up, and what to do if things get a bit hectic. You have to make sure they understand the night’s specials and the smart ways to upsell them. Don’t forget to stock up – running out of food or drinks during the game? That’s a no-go.

Game Day Magic, Delivered Right to Your Door.

Not every fan is into the whole bar or restaurant scene on game day. Some just love kicking back at home, or in the case of some diehard fans, they want to avoid the public depending on the outcome. Catering and takeaway can be a goldmine. Many parties are going to require more than just a few snacks and that’s where you and your crew come in. Offer up some top-notch catering that brings the whole tailgating experience – minus the stadium parking hassle, of course. We’re talking themed meal combos that scream ‘touchdown!’, preplanned party packs, and for the mixologists at heart, could you offer some DIY cocktail kits? Make your venue the go-to for all those home-based game day parties.

Remember the Ambiance

Gameday on 3 phonesThe right vibe is just as important as the game itself. Kick things off with some pre-game jams that get everyone in the zone, pump up the energy with classic heart-thumpers like AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ or ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe. With Control Play, you’re the master of the mood, creating that perfect game day atmosphere with our Gameday playlists.

But it’s not just about the music. Light up your venue with some flashy digital signage that showcases everything awesome you’ve got going on. From your mouth-watering game day specials to the coolest events, let your guests know that the real party’s happening right here, with you. With this killer combo of the right music, a buzzing ambiance, and top-notch offers, you’re going to be the ultimate game day destination.

Ready to be the game day hero? Contact us to discover how Control Play can transform your venue into the ultimate game day destination with our unbeatable playlists and dynamic digital signage.

Ramp Up the Fun with a Dash of Competition!

A woman and man cheering for a superbowl play
Enhance atmosphere and engagement through sports merchandise, exclusive displays, and interactive contests.

Alright, let’s talk about sparking up some real excitement. Sports merch – we’re talking jerseys, hats, maybe even some signed merchandise – can seriously pump up your atmosphere. Picture this: your fans walking in and seeing some super cool, maybe even exclusive, sports gear on display. That’s going to get them talking and, even better, get them staying. You can sell this merchandise or get creative and use it as prizes. Get your guests in on some friendly prop betting action – like guessing the first touchdown scorer or the final score. Winners could snag that merchandise or some sweet discounts and freebies for their next visit.

Game Day’s Not Just About Football

So, here’s the thing – not everyone’s coming in just for the game. For many, the Halftime Show is the real star of the day. Roll out some halftime-only specials. Think big, think flashy – maybe name or theme some dishes after Usher (the half time performer), or get creative with ingredients that somehow tie back. Consider a “Yeah!” cocktail or Usher’s “No Limit” Loaded Nachos – loaded with “unlimited” toppings.

Patriotic cocktail If you’ve got the space, how about setting aside a spot for the non-sports fanatics? It could be a quiet zone away from the game day frenzy. Offer some early-bird specials or unique promos just for this crowd, before the game kicks off. This way, you’re making everyone feel welcome and part of the fun.

Once you’ve got your promotions all set and your team revved up for a big day, the right music and eye-catching digital signs will do the rest. They’re perfect for setting the vibe and showing off all the cool stuff you’ve got going on. Remember, game day is more than just sports – it’s an experience that everyone can dive into and enjoy!

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