Key Takeaways from Bowling Center Management Article Alongside Control Play’s Jim Juniper

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In August 2022, Control Play’s co-founder Jim Juniper was one of the people interviewed for Bowling Center Management’s article titled “Setting the Stage With the Right Mix of Music.” The article pinpoints the importance of not only playing music in your establishment – whether that is an amusement park, bowling center, restaurant, or family entertainment center – but to play the right music at the right time for the right demographic.Cover of BCM August 2022

Some places, such as Disney World, maintain the same demographic all day: families and children. The atmosphere at the “Happiest Place On Earth” tends to stay the same to maintain a similar energy throughout the day; however, while the music should change with the changing demographics throughout the day, owners should still be aware of explicit or inappropriate lyrics or imagery.

Jim notes that the music created through Control Play and Bowling Music Network (BMN) is “mom approved” and is created by a creative and thoughtful group of employees rather than a computer that might not curate a proper playlist. Offensive, violent, or sexual lyrics can alienate customers regardless of age group when they are not expecting to experience those kinds of playlists. It is paramount for companies like BMN and Control Play to appeal to their customers and build trust between them.

Jim Juniper Cofounder of Control Play
Control Play Co-Founder, Jim Juniper

The article moves on to discuss the importance of the sound equipment your establishment uses. More than installing top-tier speakers, there needs to be thought put into speaker placement and the quality of content that is going through those speakers. As stated by Jim, the sound quality is only as good as the weakest link in the system. Every part of the system, from cables to the speakers themselves, is integral to the overall sound quality and thus the guest experience.

To create and maintain this high quality of sound, the article stresses a trial-and-error process of volume testing. Different volume levels will be more suited for different times of day, but it is mentioned that the volume should not be left to any staff member, as this can make the volume disjointed, varied, or too loud or quiet for the clientele at any given moment. Instead, there should either be automated volume changes set into the playlist software or have the volume password protected for only the managers to have access.

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Ultimately, the article and its interviewees discuss the importance of music in the entertainment and restaurant businesses, from what is played, when it is played, and how it is played. The most important takeaway of the article is the knowledge that the music and sound that play in your business need to be well regulated and top quality if you want to see your revenue increase. More and more businesses are beginning to understand the importance of music and the impact it has on the guest experience, including the guests themselves. Interested in learning more about creating the ideal guest experience with music and digital signage – automatically? Reach out to us! 

Read the full article starting on page 74 at BCM Online

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