The BEAT is Back: How Control Play’s Lee Murphy and Adam Melrose Modernized the Bowling Experience

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Back in 2004, Bowling Music Network launched the BEAT Live 2 Air. Now, in 2023, playlist curator and content specialist Lee Murphy has helped bring the BEAT back, giving guests exciting and unique experiences coast to coast.

“With the BEAT,” Murphy explains, “bowling proprietors are assured a playlist that flows as though a DJ were in the room picking the song order.”

Rather than taking the risk of a clumsy-sounding templated playlist, say from a jukebox, the BEAT is curated. Songs are grouped together to create the feeling of mini-sets within the larger set.

Melrose adds, “Every song is strategically placed to keep the vibe right to deliver a specific experience.”

The BEAT also helps create a guest experience that is unique and personalized for the venue through imaging, IDs, and audio messages that are used over transitions between songs for branding. Murphy emphasizes the point that a major function of the BEAT is to create the feeling of a real-life DJ experience.

Unlike a DJ experience, however, the proprietor is in full control of what is played. The BEAT also provides helpful information, what Lee calls the metadata, for each song.

“All content is edited for public airplay,” Murphy says, ensuring that, unless the owners specifically request something different, all songs will be inoffensive for the general public.

The metadata shows the song and video ratings, which are objective and honed through Lee’s team to avoid issues. Users can use this metadata to remove or add songs to the current playlist so that the music evolves with the guests’ energy.

Adding songs to the current playlist or even changing the playlist entirely can even be done on the fly. Using the metadata will help proprietors select the appropriate music. Additionally, Melrose suggests you also look at the vibe of your establishment and choosing songs that will enhance that energy.

Murphy goes further by saying how both the title and description of songs suggest the target demographic and help you better choose songs that will fit both with the current playlist and the energy you want.

The intuitive software allows for changing parties or demographics with ease, allowing for consistency between different musical playlists and the groups that would best reflect the energy of those playlists.

As Murphy states, changing out music is incredibly easy. “The playlist will generate and be ready to play,” he says, waiting in the queue for the current song to finish. This helps create a seamless changeover between and integration of the various playlists available through the BEAT.

During the busier times, however, you might not be immediately available to oversee and manage the playlist software. The Control Play software allows for easy transitions between levels of management, depending on what you, the owner, want.

“Players can be locked down the three levels of security,” Murphy says. “Administer, manager, and employee passwords can be applied for various levels of access.”

Only those you give these passwords to will be able to affect or change the playlist if you are away. Therefore, you should only give these passwords to those employees and managers you trust to keep the vibe of your establishment exactly the way you want it.

Melrose also adds that you can simply setup an automation as needed and lock the player. Having different levels of access is a helpful tool for minor changes that can be handled on a song-by-song basis with trusted employees.

“If you don’t want anyone to change the mix, don’t share the passwords,” Melrose states.

“You have full control,” Murphy reiterates.

At the end of the day, the BEAT software gives owners autonomy over their establishments while making the experience unique and exciting for bowlers. Less stress and hassle will lead to a more manageable workload for employers and employees alike without taking away from their guests’ enjoyment.

The BEAT is back, and better than ever.

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