The Guest Experience – Creating Loyal Customers and Predictable Revenue

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The experience you create for your guests will be what defines your business and how your establishment is perceived.  When your guests have a good experience, they will come back, or they tell their friends about your business; the goal, however, should be to give your guests an excellent, extravagant – an unforgettable – experience. Giving them this unique experience will create a loyal customer base and give you a more predictable revenue margin.

What would always make me keep coming back to one restaurant over another?  While what makes a restaurant a desirable return location may be subjective, there are some basic things that create a stronger and more positive guest experience. In this digital era, there are even more tools at your disposal and the number increases every year.

Frontend of a barObviously, the optimal guest experience considers elements such as lighting, seating arrangements, and décor.  These attributes are some of the first things your guests will see when first entering your establishment; they will be the first things they will consider when reflecting on the experience they had.  Careful attention here will make your customers feel at ease and make them more likely to want to come back before they have even had the full experience that is your business.

Once you have established the tone and atmosphere of your restaurant, you can use the specialized digital signage and curated music playlists, created through Control Play, to further develop a unique and unforgettable guest experience.  As your customers experience more of your business and your staff help cement your brand into the customers’ minds, they will be drawn to return to your restaurant over the competition.  This will create a deep loyalty within your customer base, which will keep them coming back and have them bring more customers.

It is reasonable to think that loyal and consistent customers will help drive revenue further, since they are willing to both visit your business more often and spend more money during each visit.  As you create a loyal clientele with your brand and excellent customer experience, you will not only improve your overall revenue, but you will also have more predictable revenue numbers.

Knowing these numbers will help re-evaluate the experience you want to create, ensuring it is always the best it can be and always tailored to what your guests want.  Maintaining a high-quality experience, for both new and returning customers, will ensure that both your loyalty base and revenue will see steady increases.

As you develop your music playlists, digital signage, and overall tone and atmosphere in your restaurant, customers will love to visit your restaurant that is better tailored for them and better equipped to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

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