Using Your Atmosphere to Motivate Your Employees

Motivated Employee taking order

We talk a lot about the atmosphere you create through music, video and digital signage leading to increased check size and guest satisfaction but music and the playlists you use are for more than JUST your customers. Keeping your staff (And yourself) motivated throughout the daily operations can increase productivity and indirectly increase your profit margins. When the staff is happy, motivated, and having fun, customers notice and feel that energy, often giving back similarly.

How scheduling your background music can help staff motivation

By using our scheduling app and automation engine, you can schedule automated playlists for your entire day with a few clicks. You can program the perfect playlist for your staff, every day. This means that there are no more decisions to make about what songs should go on which playlist, when to switch playlists, how songs will fade into each other, or when an advertisement break should happen – everything has already been planned out in advance! With this extra burden removed from staff member shoulders they can focus  exclusively towards providing an amazing guest experience.

Control Play makes it easy to curate your playlists and have them play when you want while alleviating unnecessary stress and work from your employees.  An employee loves nothing more than a task that does itself – especially when it is done exactly how they want it.

A busy and successful restaurant is the easiest way to keep your staff happy and motivated, and Control Play will help with that success.  Control Play’s easy-to-use interface and software are what stimulate the familial aspect in your business, making it feel less like work and more like a close-knit community for both your workers and customers.  It will bring everything and everyone in your establishment together, helping to inspire and motivate your team members.

How can Control Play specifically help motivate everyone in your restaurant?

The hands-off approach of Control Play makes the process of creating and delivering perfect playlists simple and streamlined, giving you more opportunities to encourage your staff directly.  You can become more hands-on with your staff when it comes to the overall guest experience while having Control Play in the background for your low-maintenance needs.

As you maintain a customer experience that brings the guests back, the overall quality of your staff will increase as well.  Customers who are loyal to your brand will pay it forward not only to the restaurant, but also to the individual staff members who help curate the experience you want to give your guests.  The longer you use Control Play and its intuitive features, the more you will see the morale of your staff improve and their love for your specific vision increase.

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