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drinks on a table closeupStep into any popular pub or venue and you’ll notice two things right away: the drink menu and the music. It’s no coincidence that both can define the atmosphere and identity of a venue. They are more intertwined than you might think. Crafting a drink menu requires careful consideration of flavor profiles, guest preferences, and current trends, much like creating a music playlist that resonates with the mood and clientele of the pub. So, ask yourself, do you invest as much care and effort into selecting your music as you do in crafting your drink menu?

Your playlist has a recipe just like your original signature cocktail or craft beer.

Just as a skilled bartender carefully combines ingredients to craft a signature cocktail, a well-curated playlist is assembled with similar precision. Each cocktail is designed to deliver a specific sensory experience. Similarly, each song in a playlist is chosen to set a particular mood, emotion, and enhance the overall ambiance. A drink menu is thoughtfully curated to reflect the type of establishment, the preferences of its patrons, and the overarching dining theme— exactly how music playlists are tailored to fit the mood, occasion, or audience’s tastes. Both elements work together to create a memorable environment that resonates with guests.

Bartender making some drinksSignature styles

A service venue often stakes its reputation on its unique offerings, like exclusive craft beers and cocktails or food and entertainment options. The music selection holds equal importance – it reflects your brand. Both menus and playlists often follow a theme. For example, a tropical bar might feature exotic cocktails alongside a playlist of beachy tunes, creating a cohesive vibe. Similarly, refined/fine dining experience might pair classical music or jazz with a sophisticated wine list.

But you still need to be diverse.

Just as drink menus offer a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences—ranging from cocktails to wines to non-alcoholic beverages—music playlists provide a range of genres and artists to appeal to a diverse audience.

We’re creating emotional connections

There’s a magic to the perfect pairing of drinks and music on a night out—both are key to elevating the social experience. A well-chosen drink can be the ideal complement to a lively conversation, just as the right song can set the mood, lighten the atmosphere, and encourage social interaction.

Fresh yet familiar

Both playlists and drink menus require regular updates to stay fresh and relevant. As seasons change and trends evolve, so do the preferences and expectations of your audience. Keeping your offerings dynamic by introducing new selections while retaining classic favorites helps maintain a vibrant atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more. Additionally, personalizing both the music and drink options for specific events or occasions adds a thoughtful touch that can make any gathering feel special and tailored to the guests’ tastes.

We have a playlist pack for thatSo, do you invest as much care and effort into selecting your music as you do in crafting your drink menu?

Just as you carefully curate your drink menu to suit changing trends and tastes, it’s essential to give your music playlists the same attention to keep your venue’s vibe fresh and engaging. Let Control Play make it easy for you. With our human-curated playlists you can ensure that your music always hits the right note, just like your drinks. Interested to find our more about our playlist packs? 

Lee Murphy

Lee is a Playlist Specialist at Control Play and a rockstar at helping businesses create and manage their vibe. His musical journey began in grade school with a mysterious mixtape circulated that featured an eclectic mix of rock artists like Queen, AC/DC, and Guns N' Roses, alongside hip hop icons like Digital Underground, Tone Loc, and the Wu Tang Clan. Despite the diverse genres, Lee was captivated by the tape's broad musical range. This early experience sparked a deep passion for music, leading him to learn various instruments and perform in bands throughout high school. Today, Lee continues to play lead guitar in bands, including the Control Play house band, and is an accomplished DJ known for reading the room and crafting mixes that perfectly align with the crowd’s energy.