Why would you integrate Digital Signage into your Playlist?

Why would you integrate Digital Signage into your Playlist?

Great question. We are frequently asked this question when we are demonstrating how to play Digital Signage to targeted audiences. Interestingly 25% of restaurant customers surveyed stated they are likely to be influenced by digital signage.

We believe this is only relevant when you play the right message at the right time to the right audience. The music on your playlist positions you to do this. The fact is you are going to be demographically specific to your customers. If it is not, that is a whole other conversation. Lets assume it is.

You are playing your Game Day Playlist. This is for pre game sporting event.  Sports fans coming to  your venue to have some drinks and some bar food before, during and after the game. This is a great opportunity to promote food and beverage. They are also people that come to a public, social space to see the game. Good opportunity to promote other upcoming events that you will be featuring.

Wouldn’t it be easy to have this digital signage content automatically work for you when you play your Game day playlist?

With Control Play, you can easily achieve this by including specific digital signage or folders of relevant signage incorporated into your playlists.

Now, how about Family Playlists, Rock Playlists, Patio Playlists? Incorporating relevant messaging into your demographic specific playlist makes it easy to play the right marketing content at the right time.

Watch our Demo video above to see how easy it is and then put Control Play to work to create great guest experiences across your screens!

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