With Control Play, New Year’s Starts at Noon

One of the biggest and most profitable days of the year for hospitality businesses is on the horizon. New Year’s Eve is not only an opportunity for fun promotions and money-making specials, but also a chance for you to cement your business as the go-to for a great guest experience.

For many businesses, New Year’s Eve is a great party leading up to a fateful 10 seconds before midnight. The music stops, the countdown chant begins, “3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!”, and your work is done. A nighttime party, and a fun opportunity to toast with champagne. But for Control Play’s subscribers, the entire day is an opportunity to flex your hospitality muscles and earn repeat business and lifelong customers. Ever thought about expanding New Year’s outside of a ten second window? Here’s how Control Play’s subscribers do it.

Control Play offers a full day New Year’s countdown experience for all their subscribers, turning New Year’s from a one-night party to an all-day event!  Automated all-day entertainment updates are a fantastic, and above all easy, way to create memorable experiences for your guests.

Even better, there are two NYE Countdown options to choose from! The first is a standard 12 hour New Year’s Countdown. Countdown updates begin to automatically play at noon on December 31st, and they play in increasing frequency throughout the day, creating a sense of excitement for all your guests. The countdown also syncs up perfectly with the clock on your computer, so by the time midnight does roll around, not only have your guests been hyped up and excited for a New Year’s celebration throughout the day, their midnight countdown will be guaranteed to be perfectly on time for the arrival of 2022.

The second option is a simulated countdown. These are 15 minute countdowns that feature fun, high energy music from the past year playing in between countdown announcements, with a grand finale 10 second countdown just like you’d expect at midnight. Many of Control Play’s subscribers that are family friendly or family accessible venues use these to add to their profits with daytime parties! Available in audio only or video versions, why wouldn’t you host an afternoon NYE party for the kids who won’t be awake for midnight? The simulated countdown makes it easy, and you’ve just earned yourself money from a group of customers you wouldn’t normally see at your midnight party.

It’s important to send the year off with a bang, and for all the guests who choose to make your business their location of choice to do so, it’s important to make it a memorable guest experience. From the entire Control Play team, we wish you a fantastic festive period and an incredible new year in 2022.

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