10 Tips to Turn Up the Volume on Your Eatertainment Experience

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kids climbing on a wall in Entertainment center.The explosive growth and buzz of Eatertainment is music to our ears. We’re talking a full-on ‘Despacito’ frenzy! This dynamic fusion of food, drink, recreation, and entertainment is shaking up the leisure industry. To help your venue hit the right notes, we have created and fine-tuned this top ten countdown of tactics to a successful eatertainment experience.

1. Demographic-Specific Approach: Do you know who your niche is? Understanding your target audience is not just about knowing their age or location, it involves digging deeper into their preferences, behaviors, and desires. So how can you gain this understanding? Here are a few tips:

  • Conduct surveys or feedback sessions with your customers. Ask about their favorite aspects of your venue, areas for improvement, or new features they’d like to see.
  • Analyze trends within your industry and local area. What are popular eating and entertainment choices among your desired demographic?
  • Keep track of your online reviews and social media engagement. What are people saying about your venue? Are there any recurring themes or comments?

Once you have this understanding, use it to tailor your venue to the specific needs and desires of your audience. Your venue should be a finely tuned playlist that hits all the right notes for your audience, creating an environment that feels as comforting and familiar as a favorite concert. By keeping your audience at the center of all your decisions, you’ll deliver an unforgettable experience every time.

2. Energizing Ambience: Crank up the excitement! When Dua Lipa sings “I’ve got new rules,” she isn’t just talking about her relationships, she sets a tone, and you can too. Make use of dynamic lighting, bold decor, and high-energy music that enlivens the atmosphere. Remember, your venue isn’t a sleepy coffee shop; it’s a vibrant party hub. The lighting, decor, and music should radiate energy, ensuring your venue is a place where fun isn’t just a possibility, it’s a promise.

3. Mood Enhancement: Enhancing the mood of your patrons should be the heart and soul of your venue. Is your venue the real-life embodiment of Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar.’ Bursting with color, exuding nothing but good vibes? The goal is to create a venue where dull moments don’t exist, making your guests want to ‘taste’ the positivity again and again.

4. Dayparted Activities: Imagine your Eatertainment venue as a day-long music festival. You’re the DJ, and you’ve got to keep the rhythm flowing from sunup to sundown. Picture a soulful Adele serenade accompanying the brunch crowd, a vibrant Billie Eilish beat livening up the afternoon vibe, and a fiery Bad Bunny track keeping the energy high as the night takes over. Like a master mixologist, blend your activities to match the ‘beat’ of the day, drawing in a variety of audiences and creating a non-stop playlist of fun. By tailoring activities to specific times of the day, you can attract a diverse audience and keep the fun going around the clock.

playing billiard in bar. 5. Visual and Auditory Stimulation: Use a thoughtfully chosen color palette for your decor and a carefully selected playlist to set the atmosphere. Every element needs to enhance your guests’ experience, making each visit a memorable journey. In short, combine visually appealing decor with an engaging soundscape to offer a complete Eatertainment experience. Sound like a lot? Consider working with Control Play. We specialize in creating memorable journeys for each visitor through visually and audibly engaging atmospheres!

6. Appropriate Visual and Lyrical Content: Maintain an environment that promotes positivity and inclusivity. This isn’t just about the visuals and the music, it’s about cultivating a space that feels welcoming and comfortable. Just as a carefully chosen playlist sets the tone for a gathering, the messages displayed throughout your venue play a crucial role in shaping the guest experience. They should reinforce your commitment to providing a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive environment for all guests. Does your venue earn the “MOM Approved” stamp?

7. Automated Execution: In the rhythm of business, automation is like your autotune – it smooths out operations and keeps things running on beat. Use automation not just for tasks like orders and bookings, but also for your music and digital signage. You save time and create a consistent atmosphere. For instance, have your music change to match the time of day or crowd, and let your digital signs display real-time promotions, Automatically! These smart changes help your staff by reducing their workload and improve your guests’ experience by keeping the environment engaging and personalized. Technology keeps your venue running smoothly, allowing everyone to enjoy the party.

flag cheering for their football team while watching match in sport bar with American fans in the background8. Themed Nights, Seasonal, and Holiday Events: Keep your venue dynamic and lively with themed nights and seasonal events. Whether it’s a Halloween extravaganza, a Christmas wonderland, or a summer beach party, these special events can infuse your venue with an extra dose of fun and excitement. Think about how the anticipation of an upcoming movie release or a new season of a popular TV show creates a buzz – that’s the kind of energy you want to channel into your events. It’s about always giving your guests something new to look forward to.

Woman standing with a local love sign9. Local Flavor: There’s something truly special about embracing local elements that adds an authentic touch to your venue. Showcase local musicians or local art/attractions on your walls. Consider adding regional cuisine to your menu. This local flavor helps guests feel more connected and gives a sense of community within your venue. This isn’t just about being unique, but about creating an experience that truly feels homegrown and personal, a place where guests can relate to the culture and feel part of it.

10. Social Media Integration: Your venue’s social media presence can be just as impactful as the in-person experience. Encourage guests to document and share their experiences on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Craft Instagrammable moments with visually stunning spaces, uniquely presented dishes, or even interactive installations. Consider offering incentives for sharing, like discounts or loyalty points. Just as a catchy tune can get stuck in people’s heads and shared widely, a memorable, sharable experience at your venue can create a buzz online, extend your reach, and attract new guests.

With these ten strategies, you’re set to transform your Eatertainment venue into a local hotspot, a place not just for food and fun, but for creating unforgettable experiences and lasting memories.

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