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Football players practicing outside

Football player holding the ballAutumn doesn’t just bring on the crisp breeze and falling leaves; it’s also the season where sports fever hits an all-time high. With the MLB playoffs on the horizon, the NBA, NHL, and college sports revving up, and the NFL embarking on its 18-week quest for Big Game glory, sports fans are buzzing with anticipation. If your restaurant or bar wants to cash in on this excitement, it’s time to be more than prepared; it’s time to shine.

Why Game Day Matters NFL regular season weeks are goldmines for restaurants, given its status as North America’s top-watched sport. But success isn’t just about showing the game—it’s about crafting an unforgettable experience. Here’s how:

Signature Promos for the Win

Think of the game day experience as a carnival. The main attraction is, of course, the game. Still, what keeps the fans rooted are the tantalizing offers around them. Stellar food and drink specials that play into the game day theme not only keep fans in their seats but also ensure they come back for the next match.

Considering the camaraderie of game days, offering deals on communal foods like wings or onion rings can be a slam dunk. And why not up the ante? Create specials based on the teams playing, star players, or even game significance, making your offerings both fun and unique.

Cell phone at the barFantasy Sports

Let’s not forget the fantasy sports enthusiasts. Fantasy leagues have skyrocketed in popularity. Hosting fantasy sports drafts, matchups, and award nights at your bar can elevate your game day experience even further. Merging the virtual excitement of fantasy leagues with real-life gatherings, you can offer fans a unique communal setting to strategize, compete, and celebrate their fantasy teams. The cherry on top? Offer special deals or takeaways for those who want to continue the fantasy fun at home!

Bring Game Day Home with Takeaway/Delivery

Not every fan wants to head to a bar or restaurant. Some prefer the cozy confines of their homes, especially when they’ve got their fantasy league gang to host. But this doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate the offerings from your venue. Craft special takeaway or delivery packages for game days: think themed meal combos, party packs, or even DIY cocktail kits. Make your restaurant the first choice for those at-home game day gatherings.

Team Spirit Isn’t Just For Players Behind every successful game day is a team of hard-working staff who keep the operations smooth. A surge of patrons can be daunting, so ensuring your staff’s morale is high is crucial. Consider giving them specific tasks or even offering post-shift rewards. A valued team is more likely to provide exceptional service, enhancing your customers’ overall experience.

Set the Tone with Control Play Music and ambiance go hand in hand with the game day experience. With Control Play, you can curate the perfect vibe for your venue. From pre-game tunes that set the stage to adrenaline-pumping tracks during the game (think classics like “Thunderstruck” or “We Will Rock You”), and post-game melodies that sustain the buzz – every moment needs its soundtrack.

Showcase Your Offerings Your patrons might be there for the game, but keep them intrigued with what you have to offer. Utilize eye-catching digital signage to highlight your game day specials, events, and more. Let your guests know that while the game might be the main event, the real party is right where they are.

With the right blend of offers, ambiance, and attention to detail, your venue won’t just be another place to watch the game—it’ll be the go-to game day destination. Embrace the spirit of the season, prepare for the highs and lows, and celebrate every moment with your patrons. By keeping your business fun, inviting, and well-tuned, you will be gameday ready all season long.

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