Business Types

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, Control Play focuses on being the favorite solution for specific business types. We go deep by creating human-curated libraries of content and playlists catered to your business type.


This focus provides your customers with the branded experience that they expect. This in turn makes your business a destination.

Family Entertainment

Creating family-friendly and “Mom Approved” playlists is where we got our start in 2004. We understood that it was important to play appropriate content in your business. And we also knew that it was a laborious task to monitor every new addition to your music library. Video content added another element that required hours of your time every week.


We made our mark in Family Entertainment by creating our proprietary lyrical and visual rating system. This was applied to every song in our library and was an integral part of the playlist templates. Erasing the grief of unhappy parents and the hours required to guarantee this was the foundation of our leadership position in the Family Entertainment Center industry. 


Changes in adult consumer trends have created the fastest-growing hospitality segment. “Eatertainment” experiences are a natural fit for how Control Play creates and manages playlists. We understand and exceed expectations with the targeted demographics in the eat, play & socialize segment. Curating day-parted playlists with targeted content ratings and energies creates the perfect eatertainment experience for a variety of social gatherings. We can leverage our proven entertainment playlists AND help you create custom playlists to entertain your guests like never before!

Restaurants, Bars & Pubs

Successful operators strive to create a guest experience that differentiates them from all the other options down the street. Playlists of audio and video content are part of their unique strategy. The flexibility of the Control Play platform enables the creation of playlists as unique as your business and its targeted day-parts. We have a library of playlists and digital signage content catered to specific dayparts and demographics. See why successful restaurant, bar and pub operators count on Control Play!

Themed Retail

Progressive retailers are creating immersive and entertaining brand experiences to remain relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. They achieve this with a clearly curated and themed environment that replicates the vibe of their brand identity. Whether you are a modern salon or a lifestyle brand such as Harley Davidson, your audio and video playlists help to foster the emotion that you want your customers to feel when they engage with your brand. The Control Play playlist specialists successfully work with brands to craft memorable destination shopping experiences.