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Girl With Bowling Ball on LaneWhen we think of bowling, the first things that come to mind are usually the lanes, the balls, the pins, and the shoes. But what about the music? The ambiance? The overall guest experience? Bowling centers are no longer just places to bowl, they are evolving into full-fledged entertainment destinations. The expectations of customers have grown and staying in tune (pun intended) with their needs is essential.

So, What is Control Play and Bowling Music?

Control Play combines entertainment with marketing, tailoring features specifically for bowling centers. This isn’t just about playing a generic playlist on shuffle in the background. We understand the pulse of the bowling audience and curate a full-fledged experience that appeals to all – from league bowlers and families to corporate parties and fundraisers.

Why is it a Game-Changer?

Bowling centers have a range of clientele. From a group of teens hanging out on a Friday night to a corporate team-building event, the atmosphere needs to be adaptive. Control Play does just that. Every song, every video, and every marketing message is carefully curated, keeping in mind the families and groups that frequent these centers. With turnkey music and music video programs, we promise family fun, making every moment spent in the bowling center memorable.

What Makes Control Play Stand Out?

One of the stand-out features of Control Play is the control it offers. We blend autonomy with automation. Want a specific playlist for cosmic bowling? Or maybe a special track for birthday parties? Do you need multi location control? Control Play allows centers to play what they want, when they want. With options for scheduling and automation, it’s never been easier to set the right mood.

Easily Modernize with What You Have
Don’t have the latest tech set-up? No problem. Control Play integrates with your existing TVs and sound systems. It’s about enhancing what you have, not replacing it.

What’s the Endgame?

More bowlers, more often. That’s the goal. By providing customers with a modern guest experience that they expect, Control Play ensures that they keep coming back. Happy customers mean more return visits, leading to increased revenue. It’s a win-win!

Do Your Offerings Extend Beyond Bowling?

Our offerings are not just limited to bowling centers but are also available for bars and restaurants, themed retail, and more family entertainment center options. This reflects the platform’s versatility and its aim to revolutionize entertainment across venues.

In Conclusion

Every business is looking for a unique selling proposition, Control Play hits the sweet spot, modernizing the guest experience while allowing establishments to retain their individuality. Bowling centers, it’s time to strike (again, pun intended) while the iron is hot, embrace the change, and watch as more bowlers walk in, more often, leading to the sweet sound of increased revenue. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to Sam Walters experience at Zodo’s:

Jim Juniper

Jim is a Co-founder at Control Play. He is an evangelist for strategic content curation. His passion is helping successful, growing businesses create guest entertainment experiences that make their customers happy! Connect with Jim on LinkedIn -