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bloody Mary cocktail with rosemaryOne of the distinguishing factors of Halloween is its distinct ability to mix fun, fright, and festivities all into one night, but in the entertainment and competitive socializing space, Halloween isn’t merely a night – it’s a month-long spectral extravaganza.  If your establishment hasn’t already considered organizing festive events, we’ve conjured up a concoction of tips and ideas just waiting to be unveiled to ensure you have a monstrously successful October!

Submitted for your consideration:

Savor the Moment

It’s all about blending your delicious menu and lively entertainments to create standout memories for your guests. Think about spicing things up with a few themed nights or spirited happy hours, where flavors and fun meet to craft a uniquely memorable outingWomen in costumes dancing at Halloween event

  • Monster Mash-Up Night: Consider hosting a ‘Monster Mash-Up’ night, where you can have a DJ or live band play famous spooky tunes. Hold a dance-off with a prize for the best dancer, or just let people revel in the thrill of the music.
  • Haunted Happy Hours: Adjust your usual happy hour to incorporate spookier elements. Special discounted potions and brews, and finger foods shaped like fingers perhaps?

Embrace the Eerie

Here’s the thing — we all know Halloween can err on the side of tacky, and guess what? We’re here for it.

  • Our Halloween Playlists Unleash the Spooky: Those cobwebs in the corner, the flickering jack-o’-lanterns on each table, and yes, even that zombie arm propping up the drink specials menu are not just allowed but encouraged. Dive into the eerie ambiance with gusto and let every creaky decoration hang with pride! But remember, the devil is in the details. Crafting a spooktacular atmosphere goes beyond the physical; your auditory and visual vibes need to tango with the supernatural too.
  • Hit the Right Note: A playlist that dabbles in ‘Monster Mash’, creeps through ‘Thriller’, and sweeps through other eerie songs will have your patrons shimmying in their seats.

Our playlist curators, unabashed fans of the haunted holiday, have been brewing a special auditory potion, blending eerie echoes and spirited beats to bring your venue a perfectly balanced Halloween ambiance. If you’re eager to add a subtle Halloween whisper or a ghostly groove to your space, we’ve got you covered. Want these themed tunes mixed in with your regular jams or scheduled for specific haunting hours? Contact us and we’ll help tailor to your specifications.

Sinister Social Media Challenges

Social media is a powerful tool for engagement. Launch Halloween-centric challenges to boost your online visibility and draw people in.

  • Costume Challenges: Create a hashtag specific to your establishment and ask patrons to post their Halloween costumes, tagging your business. Offer a prize for the most liked or shared photo.
  • Recipe Riddles: Share ingredients of a special dish or drink without naming it and challenge your audience to guess what it is. Offer discounts or freebies to those who guess correctly.

Interactive Activities for Kids

While adults enjoy their macabre music and creepy concoctions, having special activities for kids can greatly increase traffic.

  • Storytelling Sessions: Collaborate with local storytellers or artists to host spooky storytelling sessions. A corner dedicated to tales of goblins, witches, and friendly ghosts can be both engaging and exciting for young ones.
  • Coloring Corners: Set up a section with Halloween-themed coloring books and crayons. Let kids color while their parents enjoy a meal or drink.

Pumpkins, oranges, and other Halloween DecorationsSpooky Staff Soirees

Your staff can be your biggest asset during the festive season.

  • Costume Competitions: While having a themed dress code is great, allowing your staff to compete against each other for the best costume can be more engaging. Patrons can vote for their favorite, and this can also serve as a conversation starter.
  • Interactive Servers: Train your staff to engage with patrons in a Halloween-specific way. Maybe they can share a ghost story, a spooky fact, or simply interact in character.

In conclusion, a ghostly good opportunity awaits to engage with your audience, promote your business, and boost profits. With a mix of tradition and innovation, any establishment can transform itself into the hottest haunt in town!

Jim Juniper

Jim is a Co-founder at Control Play. He is an evangelist for strategic content curation. His passion is helping successful, growing businesses create guest entertainment experiences that make their customers happy! Connect with Jim on LinkedIn -