How Millennials are Redefining Business Playlists this Holiday

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The holiday season has arrived, and the unmistakable chords of holiday music are filling the air. From timeless classics to modern renditions, holiday music resonates deeply with Millennials (According to Vogue), who represent 36% of its fans, in contrast to the 25% accounted for by the 55+ demographic. The stat that really stands out is that of the top 10 holiday songs that got radio play included two artists post 1970, one was the Trans- Siberian Orchestra “Christmas eve/Sarajevo” and I’m confident you can guess the other:

Streaming tells a different story, showcasing more recent top artists like Michael Bublé and V, who occupy multiple spots on popular playlists. The key  note here is that these are by number of playlists. It’s quite clear that the music we prefer in public settings differs from the playlists they enjoy in the privacy of our homes.

What is it about holiday music that particularly appeals to millennials and how does this influence what we play in our venues and businesses?

Nostalgia and Tradition

For many Millennials, holiday music is a portal back to their childhood. The songs bring memories of family gatherings, holiday decorations, and the anticipation of Christmas morning. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. Change is fast paced and constant in the world and these familiar tunes provide a comforting reminder of simpler times. For Millennials, these songs are not just about the holiday, they symbolize stability, continuity, and the enduring warmth of family and community.

Social Media Influence

Social media has also played a part in keeping holiday music popular among Millennials. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok see a surge in holiday-themed content as December approaches, often accompanied by classic and contemporary holiday tracks. This not only reignites their love for these songs annually but also introduces them to new renditions and artists.

An Inclusive and Diverse Celebration

Millennials are known for their inclusive and diverse values, and this extends to their holiday music preferences. They appreciate multicultural versions of holiday songs and enjoy a songs that encompass more than just traditional Christmas themes.

Suggestions for businesses

  1. Embrace the Holiday Spirit: Don’t hesitate to play holiday music in your business. While some may label it as novelty, for millennials, it’s a crowd-pleaser. Incorporating these tunes could be the charming touch that boosts your business’s appeal this holiday season.
  2. Classic Tunes are a Safe Bet: People love the familiarity of traditional holiday music. It’s what they expect and enjoy during the festive season. If you’re looking for a twist, check out our previous blog for some fresh ideas.
  3. Simplify Your Holiday Playlist: Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the playlist choices? Don’t worry, Our pre-curated holiday playlist packs are designed to keep both your staff happy and your customers engaged, making everyone’s holiday experience more enjoyable.

Ready to deck your business with festive tunes? Contact us to get started!

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