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March Madness is on its way, and it’s a golden opportunity for your business. This tournament attracts a unique crowd, different from your usual pro sports fans. It draws in basketball enthusiasts captivated by its unpredictability and the effort players put into every play.Basketball Player in Blue Jersey stands under backboard ready for a layup

Last year we went in depth on how your business can capitalize on the March Madness…Madness. Building on that foundation and expanding on the idea of setting up food/drink brackets, offering takeout promotions, and ensuring you are differentiated from other businesses doing the same things, let’s explore new strategies to further engage your customers and enhance their experience.

Here are your key dates:

Games start March 19th and the tournament creates business opportunities until the championship game April 8th!

68 Teams  –  7 Rounds!

  1. Virtual Engagement and Social Media Contests

You’re likely leveraging the power of social media in your business but are you planning to use it to create a buzz around your March Madness activities? Launch interactive contests such as predicting game outcomes, photo contests with themed attire, or trivia about the teams and players. Are you planning on hosting your own bracket? Use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to reach your audience, offering winners gift cards, exclusive discounts, or reserved seating for big games. This strategy not only engages customers online but also drives them to your physical location.

  1. Collaborative Events with Other Local Businesses

Partnerships are fantastic. They boost your visibility and can take some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders when it comes to starting things from scratch. An example could be partnering with local breweries to host special tasting events or limited-edition beers crafted specifically for March Madness. It’s not just about serving great drinks but creating an immersive experience. This approach not only supports local businesses but also taps into the community’s excitement for the tournament, turning your venue into a must-visit destination for March Madness fans.



  1. Interactive Game Zones

Set up interactive game zones in your venue, featuring basketball shooting games, trivia, or maybe even a meet and greet with a local legend. These activities can provide entertainment during halftime or between games, keeping guests engaged and entertained. Offering prizes for high scores or tournament winners can add to the excitement. Just make sure they are not too distracting during actual games.

Friends shooting hoops at carnival game

  1. Think about the Ambiance

Transform your venue with themed decor that immerses your guests in the March Madness experience. Adding digital signage throughout the venue can keep everyone informed and excited, displaying live scores, brackets updates, and game schedules. Complement this with Gameday playlists filled with hype music to keep the energy high during pre-game, halftime, and post-game moments.

We say it often but consider setting up a selfie booth complete with props related to basketball and the tournament, encouraging guests to share their photos on social media and tag your establishment. It’s a quick win that enhances your promotion efforts and customer’s immersive experience.

  1. Exclusive Viewing Parties and VIP Experiences

Close up of blue basketball on floor in courtOffer ticketed viewing parties for major games, especially during the Final Four and Championship, with exclusive perks such as guaranteed seating, complimentary appetizers, or drink specials. For an added luxury, consider VIP packages that include private booths, bottle service, or meet-and-greets with local sports figures. These premium experiences can cater to your most enthusiastic customers and generate additional revenue.

By integrating these strategies with some of last year’s proven tactics, you can create a comprehensive approach to March Madness that excites and retains customers. Each of these ideas not only capitalizes on the excitement of the tournament but also enhances your establishment’s appeal, setting you apart from the competition.

Need help creating your ideal atmosphere with music and digital signage? Speak to our team!

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