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Digital Signage Examples

Control Play Digital Signage Examples

Digital signage is an eye-catching, engaging and important business tool that can help turn one-time or irregular customers into repeat customers. When used effectively, digital signage is one of the simplest ways to increase your ROI and advertise your business. Alternatively, if your signage is simply just brighter than its analogue counterpart, then it probably is not doing the job you want it to do. There are many ways that you can use digital signs to keep your customers coming back for more. Here’s just a few of them!

Beyond Your Borders

Fundraising Example of Digital Signage

Example of Thinking Beyond Borders in Digital Signage

When thinking of broadening your clientele, you should start outside of your own business. It is not uncommon for (non-competing) businesses to partner together and cross promote within each other’s stores and establishments. Having your digital signage in other businesses will help promote your business and bring in a wider clientele. It will be easy for both parties to accept and maintain digital signs over older analogue signs because you, the owner, can take care of most of the required maintenance remotely.

You can also consider putting advertisements or digital messages outside of your business, like a window hanger, sidewalk display, or a bus stop shelter wall. These signs should be easy to see, quick to read, and fun to engage with. While you may include already established promotions or deals, you may consider choosing simpler information that will draw the attention of passersby.

Introduce, Promote, and Entice

New Years Eve Digital Signage Example

New Years Eve Digital Signage Example

With your customers inside your business and shopping, the placement of your digital signage should be specially considered to maximize its effect and likelihood of bringing more customers back. To make your customers return, your signs should be placed where they will be waiting, such as in line at the cash register. Such a placement can help increase the number of people who read the messages and how well they retain the information.

Your signs should also introduce new and exciting service or options that your customers may not know about. Giving people this kind of information, particularly where they might not have looked for it, can entice them for a return trip or make the purchase right then and there. This is also a prime opportunity to offer customers opt-ins promotions and information. If a customer opts-in by giving you their email address or other contact information, then they are more likely to see future specials, promotions, services, and products that will coax them to come back. Some opt-in options that your signs can display are discount coupons, free services or events, or membership rewards.

Showcase Your Business

Two 12 Social Bar

Two 12 Social Bar Digital Signage Location

Do you have other locations your customers can visit more conveniently? What social media channels does your business use? These are things that you can show your customers that can help turn them into repeat customers by giving them easy opportunities to engage with your business at their convenience. If there are other locations for your business, either in-town or across country, there might be one closer to some customers that they will be easier for them to frequent. Most people also use social media in some form, so displaying this information, or even some recent posts, will help engage your customers with your business, showcase the best aspects of your business, and demonstrate your own understanding of customers’ needs, all while they are still shopping.

Though we’ve covered some of the best practices for using digital signs, there’s always more that can be done. Hopefully we’ve provided you some new ideas or tips to get started. Interested in discussing the power of digital signage and creating a tailored plan for your business? Contact us

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